Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Kit without labware

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Product Overview

After years of development, Vinmetrica is proud to release the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Kit! Using our simple method, you will be able to measure the presence of ethanol in wine, beer, distilled spirits, kombucha, etc. Save time and money by testing ABV on your own!

With results available in 1 to 24 hours (depending on sample type), the new ABV Kit allows you to get simple, accurate, and reliable results on your schedule without having to wait for results from a laboratory.

The ABV Kit does not include labware, you will also need a buret, clamp and stand for titration.



Accuracy: 0.3%

Sensitivity: Below 1% ABV

Cost Per Test: Less than $3

Tests per Kit: 25


Materials provided in the kit:

  1. Oxidant (0.062M potassium dichromate/2M sulfuric acid) (PN: SC-60-3)
  2. ABV Titrant (0.2M sodium thiosulfate) (PN: SC-60-4)
  3. ABV Developer solution (PN: SC-60-5)
  4. Starch Indicator solution (PN: SC-60-6)
  5. Reaction bottle with cap assembly (2) (PN: SC-60-8)
  6. 5.0 mL volumetric pipette (PN: SC-60-9)
  7. Pipetting safety bulb (PN: SC-300-16)
  8. Calcium hydroxide ( Ca(OH)2, neutralizer and sequestrant) (PN: SC-60-7)
  9. Transfer (“Squeeze-bulb”) pipettes (2) PN: SC-60-10)
  10. 100 µL Pipettor (PN: SC-60-11)
  11. 100 µL Pipette tips (25) (PN: SC-60-11-2)

*Additional Materials may be purchased separately if additional tests are required. Please see the manual for further information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review