YAN Test Kit

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Testing for YAN just before primary inoculation will allow you to make needed adjustments for a successful fermentation. Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) is the combination of amino acids, ammonium ions, and small peptides. Wines with high YAN concentrations typically have increased formation of ethyl acetate, acetic acid and volatile acidity (VA). Wines with low YAN concentrations are more susceptible to a sluggish fermentation as well as production of sulfur compounds like hydrogen sulfide.

The YAN Test Kit utlizes the pH function of either your SC-200 or SC-300 and includes:

1. YAN Reagent (37% Formaldehyde/15% methanol, Part Number SC-200-14-1)
2. YAN Formaldehyde Neutralizer Powder (Sulfite, Part Number SC-200-14-2)
3. Three Plastic Transfer Pipettes (SC-100-5)



  • Measures down to 20 mg/L of available nitrogen with accuracy of 10 mg/L of available nitrogen.
  • Enough for 25 tests (only $1.28 per test!)
  • 1 year shelf life


(No reviews yet) Write a Review