Label Printing

Make your own personalized labels and print them out at Curds and Wine. We have a Primera LX500 color label printer. You can print 4" x 3" labels for your homemade wine or homemade cheeses! We have a selection of basic label templates available for personalization, or design your own at home and email us the jpg file for printing. 

We have templates covering a variety of occasions:

  • General templates
  • Wedding templates
  • New baby templates
  • Holiday templates

We also have a selection of background images and clipart you can use for your wine label design, ask to view these at the shop.

If you would like to send in your own photos or designs to print directly on labels, files should be saved as a jpg in RGB mode, 300 dpi is best but we can test a lower resolution (it might be too grainy at a lower resolution).