Harvest Equipment and Supplies

We have everything you need for Harvest at Curds and Wine! See our list of yeasts available, as well as other fermentation supplies.

We have a general instruction sheet for making wine from fresh red or white wine grapes with a basic shopping list available at the store to help you get set up for the season: Making Red Wine From Fresh Grapes and Making White Wine from Fresh Grapes.   


Before you pick any grapes:  Wine grapes should be between 21-24 brix optimally, pH 3.5-3.7 for red grapes or 3.2-3.4 for white grapes or rosé style reds.  Birds and other critters will start eating your grapes at least 2-3 weeks before you should harvest!  Invest in some good netting, bee netting is preferred.  Just because your grapes turned red does NOT mean they are ready to harvest - sugar and acid levels are optimal around 6-8 weeks after color change (veraison) starts.


Please note: I am no longer renting any equipment or doing any wine chemistry testing.