Eleven Year Anniversary!

1st Nov 2021

Cheers to all of you for making Curds and Wine great - we've won U-Vint of the Year at Winemaker Magazine Competition TWICE, and you have all won SO many awards at various other wine and cheese competitions.  Thanks to all of you for being responsible and intelligent and getting your vaccines as well as wearing a facial covering when in public. I appreciate your patience and support through these difficult times, but they aren't over yet. Be safe and well through the holidays!

2021 label collage for CAW anniversary

Just a few of the labels from winemakers at Curds and Wine!  Cheers to adding many more

Curds and Wine will be CLOSED Sunday 11/21/21 through Friday 11/26/21 for Thanksgiving

Winexpert Seasonal Dessert Wines

2021 WE portsWinexpert's Seasonal Dessert Wines are back!  One returning favorite, and one new flavor to savor.

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine

Warm cherries and plums are supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry and luscious chocolate.

*NEW* Chocolate Mocha Dessert Wine

Rich and smooth with the irresistible combination of chocolate and dark roast coffee flavors and a hint of vanilla.

Each kit makes about 3 gallons finished dessert wines to produce 29-31 375-mL bottles total, depending on whether you fortify it with additional liquor or not.  Both kits are quite sweet with a final alcohol at or above 17%!  Each kit is $116.95 at Curds and Wine, I have VERY limited quantities - contact me to check availability.

Returning Favorite - Winexpert Reserve Italian Montepulciano

Bottle - WX Montepulciano_high_resCherry, boysenberry, dark plum, spice and fresh acidity. Perfect for pairing with popular Italian dishes like pasta, pizza and charcuterie. 

ABV: 13% 

BODY: Medium-Full 

OAK: Medium 

Sweetness: Dry

Get yours at Curds and Wine for $141.95 - contact me to check availability

VineCo Global Passport Series Limited Edition Wine Kits

VineCo Passport 2022

Introducing VineCo Wine Kits!  Every year, VineCo's highly-anticipated Global Passport Series takes us on a new adventure to the most prominent well-respected wine regions—from highly touted up-and-coming regions to age-old vineyards with long histories. A range of classic varietals to charismatic blends, this limited release wine series celebrates creativity and insists on excellence. Available for a short time by reservation only, it's a one of a kind wine experience.

Italian Primitivo - release in December 2021

The Wine: As one of the first varietals to be harvested in Italy, Primitivo loosely translates to ‘early ripening’. It was given this name because every growth stage for the Primitivo grape happens early, starting from flowering through to color change. This full-bodied wine brings aromas of dark raspberry, black currant, and preserved cherry with hints of coffee and baking spice. It’s earthy, bold, and luscious character are complemented by round tannins and a smooth finish. 

The Region: The Puglia region which is known for its Primitivo wines. Located at the south-eastern tip of Italy or at the ‘heel of boot’, this sunny dry region is surrounded by water on all three sides. Cool breezes off the Mediterranean help regulate the temperatures in the vineyards offering ideal growing conditions for this grape. The region also produces half of Italy’s olive oil because of the warm and dry climate. 

The Food: Sausage with fennel and fire roasted tomatoes and peppers Eggplant parmesan Smoked gouda 

Sweetness: Dry 

Body: Full 

ABV: 13% Kit

Grillo Pinot Grigio - release in January 2022  

The Wine: A unique blend of Grillo and Pinot Grigio, this fruit-driven wine is a playful balance between freshness and body. Grillo (pronounced GREE-lo) originated in Sicily and is a more robust alternative to Pinot Grigio. It brings more body to this blend along with floral notes and hints of grapefruit. The Pinot Grigio keeps this wine crisp, offering bright acidity along with notes of cantaloupe and sweet pear on the palate. 

The Region: Sicily is the southernmost region in Italy and the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. It is consistently blessed with bright sunshine, warm temperatures, moderate rainfall, and coastal breezes. This classic Mediterranean climate is described by Sicilian wine producers as a magical place to make wine thanks to the unique geography, climate, and cultural influence. 

The Food: Grilled Calamari with preserved lemon and fresh herbs Tomato and watermelon salad Fresh goat cheese 

Sweetness: Dry 

Body: Medium 

ABV: 12.5%

Tempranillo Bobal - release in February 2022

The Wine: Experience Spain with this juicy blend of Tempranillo and Bobal, two of the most widely planted varieties in Spain. Ripe fruits of dark cherry, strawberry and blackberry are complemented by notes of plum and fig preserve. Toasted oak brings hints of vanilla bean and baking spice. This medium bodied wine delivers freshness and balance with well- structured tannins and a long lingering finish. 

The Region: Manchuela is a large wine growing region in central Spain inland from Valencia and located in the valleys between two rivers, the Jucar and Cabriel. These valleys and the influences of the Mediterranean Sea make the climate relatively mild. The moist winds coming off the coast help to regulate the temperatures in the vineyards to ensure optimal growing conditions. Red grape varietals dominate the region with Bobal representing approximately 70% of the vines grown in the region. 

The Food: Paella with chorizo Grilled vegetable lasagna Manchego cheese 

Sweetness: Dry 

Body: Medium 

ABV: 13%

Cabernet Shiraz Montepulciano - release in March 2022

The Wine: A classic Australian blend with a twist. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are married with Montepulciano to create a complex and full-bodied wine. Dark fruits of blackberry and currant follow with notes of plum and preserved cherry. Firm but velvety tannins are met with a rich mouthfeel, with hints of black pepper, sweet red fruits, and baking spice. This is a playful blend bringing three classic varietals together, creating a wine with alluring texture and bold style. 

The Region: The Murray Darling region straddles the Murray River and covers a large area between northwest Victoria and western New South Wales. A hot and dry climate with extended hours of sunshine, low humidity and cool nights allows for the ideal ripening conditions. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz thrive in Australian soil producing some of the most iconic wines in the southern hemisphere. The region is now becoming known for alternative Italian varieties like Montepulciano because winemakers have realized those varietals perform extremely well in the warm climate. 

The Food: Grilled strip loin with a mushroom peppercorn sauce Garlic sauteed spinach Aged sharp cheddar 

Sweetness: Dry 

Body: Full 

ABV: 14%

Each kit is $185.95 at Curds and Wine.  Contact me to reserve yours today - very limited quantities will be available!

Winexpert Limited Edition 2022 Wine Kits

There's a reason the Winexpert Limited Edition™ collection is the most sought after craft winemaking kit. Every year this exceptional series explores the world's most distinguished wine growing regions, offering unique and exciting wines from classic varietals to exceptional blends. This annual showcase features hidden gems in limited quantities and is available by reservation only. It's a one-of-a-kind global adventure you don't want to miss.


Well balanced with sour cherry and red fruit flavors, dark plum, blueberry and light spice. Juicy, vibrant, elegant and energetic with bright acidity. 

Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Oak: Medium Alcohol: 13.5% 


Complex and fresh with citrus, tropical fruit and white flower aromas. Green apple, grapefruit and tropical fruit flavors with accents of honeysuckle and grass. 

Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Oak: None Alcohol: 13.0% 


Flavors of blackberry, plum, black currant spice with well-rounded tannins. Smooth with balanced acidity. 

Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium-Full Oak: Medium Alcohol: 13.0%


Lively and off-dry with flavors of yellow apple, white peach, melon and citrus. Fresh minerality. 

Sweetness: Off-Dry Body: Medium Oak: None Alcohol: 12.5% 


Black fruit, cherry, red berry, plum, spice, oak and licorice flavors. Rich velvety tannins with well-integrated oak and a long finish. 

Sweetness: Dry Body: Full Oak: Heavy Alcohol: 14.0%

Contact me to reserve yours today - very limited quantities will be available!

WE LE 2022

Open by Appointment with Limited Walk In Hours

Curds and Wine is open for limited regular in-store shopping on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 2 pm; except Wednesday 11/24/21 the shop will be closed for Thanksgiving week. I might also be in additional hours during the week, please contact me to check my schedule for the week.  Please note, there have been many issues with stocking items, you might want to contact me to check availability if you plan to come in for your purchases to make sure it is there! 

You can also place orders through our online catalog for back door pick up by appointment or for shipping. If you need assistance finding anything to order online please do not hesitate to contact me. If you order online to pick up, please note I will schedule a date and time for you to pick up - please do not order online for in store pick up and assume you can go directly to the shop for pick up. 

I have a limited inventory of wine kits currently in stock, please contact me for my current inventory list or to request kits to preorder.