June Newsletter: Time for Renewal

30th May 2020

curds-and-wine-logo COVID19 style

This year is going to be something different, to put it mildly.  Some good news - we just renewed our lease and will be around for several more years!  Things will be a little different for a while, though.  We will not offer Winemaking on Site services or have walk-in shopping until COVID-19 becomes a less virulent form.  There is no date or timeline for this, we just have to wait for nature to do whatever it's going to do. 

We will continue to bring you the home winemaking and cheesemaking supplies you need.  We are in process of updating our website and online catalog, in the meantime if you need assistance finding anything to order online please do not hesitate to contact us. Shipping or curbside pick up is available; if you prefer to pick up, please note we will schedule a date and time for you to pick up - please do not order online for in store pick up and assume you can go directly to the shop for pick up.  The shop is not currently open and likely will not be most of the year except by appointment, but we do want to work with you to help you get what you need. 

We will keep basic supplies in stock, but will transition our wine kits to a request/preorder only system.  We do have several kits currently in stock, please contact us for our current inventory list or to request kits to preorder.

New and Improved Winexpert Wine Kits

Winexpert invested a great deal of time and money into their facilities and processing to reformulate their wine kits for a higher quality product.  The product line has been streamlined to help you find the right wine kit for you:

  • PRIVATE RESERVE - Ultra Premium wine kits (comparable to the "Eclipse" line previously).  All red wine kits except the Pinot Noir - which will now be from New Zealand, not Sonoma - have grape skins.  Only this line will include grape skins
  • RESERVE - Premium wine kits (comparable to the "Selection" line previously)
  • CLASSIC - Value priced "easy drinking" wine kits (comparable to Vintner's Reserve and World Vineyard previously)
  • ISLAND MIST - Wine cooler style fun wines
A lot of the redundant kits have now been pared down to more focused options, but unfortunately several favorites have been discontinued as well.  See the new line of Winexpert kits here, let us know if you would like to request any for preorder!  We do also still have a few of the previous kits including discontinued ones, contact us for a list of current inventory.

winexpert Logo_Black

Close Out Sale on all Island Mist Kit Currently in Stock - 25% off!

Island Mist close outJust in time for summer sipping, we'd like to close out the "old style" Island Mist kits we currently have in stock.  As of publication we have the following kits available (regular price shown, not sale price.  Sorry, don't feel like doing math right now):

  • Winexpert Island Mist Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio $82.95
  • Winexpert Island Mist Peach Apricot $82.95
  • Winexpert Island Mist Sangria Blush $82.95
  • Winexpert Island Mist Peach Bellini $72.95
  • Winexpert Island Mist Mango Mai Tai $72.95

Sale pricing applies only to in-stock kits, while supplies last.  Contact us to reserve a kit for purchase with curb side pick up.

Winemaker Magazine Homemade Wine Competition

You can still submit wines for the Winemaker Magazine Home Wine competition through June 1st, though we are not shipping any more out of the shop - but if you need a shipping box let us know and we'll help you out.  Please do list us as your U-Vint if you made wine on site with us!  They are planning to judge wines at the end of June (hopefully) with an online awards announcement. We will pass on any links and post award information on our website as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Good luck, everyone!