Harvest 2017 Newsletter

Curds and Wine has a wide selection of yeasts available for fermenting your grapes.  The yeast you choose can have a significant impact on the resulting wine - different strains might bring out more fruit flavors, more spice notes or add a better mouthfeel to your wine.  If you want to try a few different yeasts, we recommend putting only one yeast per fermentor, otherwise often a single strain will end up dominating - though you won't know which one!

We also offer a few different malolactic bacteria (MLB) strains.  The choice of MLB may not impact flavors or mouthfeel very significantly, but each strain has unique attributes in terms of temperature, alcohol and acid tolerance.  White Labs liquid malolactic bacteria culture is a convenient culture for 5-6 gallon batches.  VP41 is available in larger inoculate sizes, for either 66 or 660 gallons.  Both of these strains work best at room temperature (68 degrees farenheit or warmer) and tolerate alcohol up to about 14% and pH 3.2 or higher.  Enoferm alpha tolerates similar alcohol and pH levels, but works at lower temperatures down to 57ºF - so if you add MLB to wine at cellar temperature, you probably want to choose this strain.  O-MEGA also tolerates lower tempertures down to 57ºF, as well as higher alcohol up to 17% abv and pH as low as 3.1, making it a great candidate for any challenging MLF situation.  This strain is available for both 6.6 gallon or 66 gallon batch sizes.

We have instructions for operating and cleaning Basket Presses, Bladder Presses, and Crusher/Destemmers on our website, as well as a Basic Outline and Starter Shopping List for Making Wine from Fresh Grapes.
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Fresh Grape Delivery from West Coast Grapes Saturday September 30, 2017

We are here to help you get some fresh grapes for your home winemaking this harvest season!  We will once again be a pick-up point for fresh grapes from West Coast Grapes, pricing and availability is now online for 2017.Grapes from West Coast Grapes

Grapes are purchased directly through West Coast Grapes, we are a pick-up point only, no sales on site for these grapes! Please note, we cannot store these grapes, they will start spontaneously fermenting if you do not pick them up the day they arrive. 


Grapes will be delivered to Curds and Wine on Saturday September 30, 2017. Grapes are unloaded from the refrigerated trucks and stacked next to the order slips at the back of 7188 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, in the same building as Curds and Wine.  We cannot give a specific time as orders will be pulled from the truck as they were loaded, but the truck should have most orders unloaded by 11 am - please plan to spend a few hours as it takes time to unload the grapes from the truck.  Your patience and cooperation in getting all the orders out before grapes are taken is appreciated!


We will have a crusher/destemmer available to process these grapes for a $25 processing fee for up to 500 lbs, another $10 fee for every additional 500 lbs; crush tickets must be prepurchased at Curds and Wine or online before you take your grapes to get crushed.  We will have a crush list on delivery day, please check in with a Curds and Wine representative at the crushers to get on the list.  Please remember to bring containers that will fit in your vehicle to transport the must back home as the grapes arrive in open wooden or plastic boxes.

crushing west coast grapes

Please note: only grapes delivered from West Coast Grapes can be processed on site at Curds and Wine, all other processing must be done off site and equipment returned clean and in working order.

Drawing for Free Bucket of Juice from West Coast Grapes

As a bonus to Curds and Wine customers, we will have a drawing for a free bucket of juice from West Coast Grapes! For every box of fresh grapes or bucket of juice you purchase from West Coast Grapes to be picked up at Curds and Wine you will get one drawing entry.

WCG juice bucket

Please send us a copy of your purchase receipts for the drawing;the drawing will be held Friday September 15, 2017 and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page and by Twitter. The winner will be notified by email so they can place their order for their bucket of choice out of the available buckets listed on the gift certificate you will be given (choice of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, barbera, sangiovese, zinfandel, syrah, chardonnay, pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc juice). This bucket of juice will be brought to Curds and Wine with the fresh grape deliveries.


Only submitted entries will be part of the drawing, West Coast Grapes will not be providing us with a list of customers.  Send us your proof of purchase to enter the drawing.


Harvest Equipment, Rentals and Supplies

Curds and Wine is here to help guide you in choosing the best yeasts for your fermentations, and we offer a wide variety of other ingredients from basic nutrients to enhancing enzyme preparations to make the best wines. We also have equipment for rent to crush and press your grape wines - contact us to reserve your equipment as soon as you estimate you will need it.  We offer some basic in-house wine chemistry testing, but for more in-depth analysis our friends at Vinmetrica offer a wider array of tests - you can drop off your samples for Vinmetrica analyses at Curds and Wine.  Curds and Wine has compiled a red wine making summary and basic shopping list to help you find everything you need for your fermentations.

We also have a very limited selection of large equipment for sale, including manual or motorized crusher/destemmers and stands (sold separately), basket or bladder presses, and stainless steel tanks. We also have a few 3-spout and 5-spout gravity bottle fillers. 
Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any equipment - before they're all gone!

200L_ss_tank  3_spout_bottle_filler


RJ Spagnols 2018 Restricted Quantity Wine Kit Preorders

Each year RJ Spangols RQ wines are released to great anticipation and excitement. Many of the best go on to win awards in winemaking competitions. Restricted Quantities 2018 program brings you four of our finest award-winning wines, released exclusively in The Gold Standard Collection: Australian Shiraz Viognier, Chilean Carménère, Spanish Tempranillo, and German Riesling.

These distinguished wines set a gold standard for elegance, ageability and finesse—a true celebration of excellence in craft winemaking.


Triump - Australian Shiraz/Viognier (January 2018) $164.95:  Australia Shiraz Viognier is stylish yet refined.  It is lush with a tapestry of smooth tannins and succulent dried fruits, vanilla and black pepper.


Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212

Oak: American and Hungarian

GenuWine Winery Grape Skins: Dried

food pairings: Bison burgers, Lamb kebabs, Meat pie, Sharp Cheddar cheese

Prestige - Chilean Carmenere (February 2018) $164.95:  Opulent and rich, Carménère boasts the luscious flavors of red cherries and berries, with hints of spice and leather enhanced with robust tannins.


Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212 

Oak: American 

GenuWine Winery Grape Skins: Crushed

food pairings: Cabbage rolls, Pork or beef tacos, Meatballs, Pepper Jack cheese

Eminence - Spanish Tempranillo (March 2018) $164.95:  Sourced from native Spain, Tempranillo adds panache to any cellar. It skillfully balances fresh berries with savory notes of pepper and smoke.


Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212 

Oak: American and Hungarian 

GenuWine Winery Grape Skins: Dried

food pairings: Pepperoni pizza, Burritos, Grilled flank steak, Manchego cheese

Virtue - German Riesling (April 2018) $154.95: From renowned German vineyards, this Riesling is captivating and complex. Crisp flavors of honey, peach, and lemon finish with a lingering minerality.


Yeast: QA23 

Optional sweetening blend

food pairings: Pad Thai, German sausages, Shrimp stir-fry, Edam cheese


We only get a limited amount of these kits each year - ​contact us to preorder yours or to check available quantities!