New Online Calendar for Scheduling Winemaking on Site

We now have an online scheduler available for Winemaking on Site! Our appointment calendar is online at  You will need to create a new user name and password -- if you are an existing customer making wine on site with us already please use the email you gave us for your reminders so you can see your own itinerary in the calendar. 
The calendar will show what times are currently taken. It is easiest to view the time slots in the week or day view as opposed to the month view, which only shows starting times - then you need to click on each appointment to see the full span of the appointment. You can look for openings and let us know what dates and times you would like to schedule; we will enter the final schedule. If you keep the calendar open for a while, please do refresh often so it will update any online changes. When looking for times please allow 1 1/2 hours per appointment, and 1 1/2 hours for each wine you are bottling. 
The basic winemaking schedule is as follows: 
1) start wine 
2) between 1-2 weeks later: 1st racking 
3) between 1-2 weeks later: stabilizing and clearing 
4) between 1-2 weeks later: 2nd racking 
5) minimum 2 weeks later for white and rosé wines: bottling 
Red wines we will bulk age and send you a reminder to set a bottling date later. 
Dessert wines (i.e. port style) are a little different, please let us know if you are planning to do a port style and we can give you more guidance. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions!
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Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes 2-part Seminar Series

buckets of grapes

Join us at Curds and Wine for a two-part seminar series introducing you to making wine from fresh grapes. In these seminars, we will go through preparation for harvest, steps involved in making wine from fresh grapes, and finishing wine. We will also demonstrate how to use equipment needed for winemaking. The series of classes is $75/person for series of 2 classes, no refunds if any classes are missed.

Maximum 20 participants for these classes, you must be 21 or over to participate.


This course is a seminar series with live demonstrations, but we will not be making wine in this class; fresh grapes or frozen must can be purchased separately and made at home.


Outline - Series of 2 classes:


Seminar #1: Preparation for harvest and fermentation

Choice of dates: Saturday 6/16/18 or Saturday 6/23/18 from 1 - 4 pm

  • Optimal brix and acid levels
  • Equipment and ingredients you will need
  • Primary fermentation schedule
  • When and How to press
  • Malolactic fermentation: initiating or preventing

Seminar #2: Finishing fermentations and pressing

Choice of dates: Saturday 7/7/18 or 7/14/18 from 1 - 4 pm

  • Fermentations finished, ready for aging
  • Managing sulfites
  • Carboys, steel tanks, kegs, and barrels
  • Oak : hands-on oak trials
  • Clarifying wine
  • Blending
  • Common wine flaws and their treatments
  • Bottling: bottles, corks, finishing

* A $30 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your ticket prior to 48 hours of the event; no refunds within 48 hours of last first seminar


Purchase tickets online here


Grapes to Glass On-Site Winemaking from Fresh Grapes

Pressing wine adjusted 2

Here’s your chance to get your hands purple!  Curds and Wine will be hosting an exclusive, intensive Grapes to Glass Winemaking course.  This is not a custom crush, you will make your own wine from grapes delivered by West Coast Grapes and our gold-medal winning winemakers will lead you through the process.  This class will be limited to 15 winemaking groups total.  Please remember only winemakers and team members that have taken our Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes seminars are allowed to participate in this course.  The following criteria apply to participation in the class:

  • All participants must be 21 years of age or older
  • All participants must sign liability waiver
  • Class fee includes all ingredients, supplies, and use of equipment for making wine on site
  • You CANNOT participate if you would be unavailable (i.e., planning to travel at all or have major surgery or other major life events) between August and October; you or a team member MUST be present for all winemaking sessions
  • This course includes making wine from fresh juice or red wine grapes, but the production of rosé or white wine from grapes is not included in this course.

This Hands-on intensive series of classes that goes through basics of winemaking from grapes to bottle

  • Maximum 15 winemaking groups
  • Cost is $400/winemaker total, $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space and balance of $200 due at first class
  • New participants that have not taken our Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes seminars are required to take these before grape delivery; this is a separate cost
  • Includes making your own wine from grapes delivered from West Coast Grapes on site at Curds and Wine, all equipment, ingredients, testing, and bottling (including personalized labels); does not include cost of grapes
  • Approximately 2 to 2 1/2 cases of wine per 100 lbs of grapes purchased produced in class, including personalized labels, bottles & corks
  • This class does not include grapes; grapes must be purchased separately from West Coast Grapes, 150 lbs maximum per fermentor.  Grapes from other sources cannot be made in this class.
  • You or a team member must be present when grapes are delivered, we cannot hold grapes for an extended period of time.
  • No refunds on deposits

This course costs $400/winemaker total, $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space and balance of $200 due at first class; you can add up to 2 additional fermentors per group for $100 each for a maximum of 4 fermentors per group.  This cost does not include cost of grapes, grapes must be purchased separately from West Coast grapes - no other grapes can be brought in for this class.


Contact us if you are interested in participating in our 2018 Grapes to Glass course


Homemade Cheese Contest at the San Diego County Fair Saturday June 30th

Queso Diego is once again sponsoring the 'Say Cheese' Homemade Cheese contest this year at the San Diego County Fair!  This contest will once again be a One-Day Home & Hobby Contest, no pre-registration or entry fees are required. Bring your prepared item and the typed or printed recipe form found online here. We will no longer accept other types of recipe forms. No exceptions! Deliver entries between opening time of the Fair and 12:45pm on Saturday July 1st to Home & Hobby exhibit located on the 2nd floor, west end of the Grandstand. Judging starts at 1:00pm and once the judging process starts, no late entries will be accepted. Your entry and entry contest form will admit you into the Fair for FREE. Exhibitors must personally deliver their entries.

Limit: One entry per class
Judging Criteria: Flavor, Originality, & Appearance

1 - Fresh (cheese curds, chevre, Mascarpone, mozzarella, Queso fresco, cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, ricotta)
2 - Brined (feta, domiati, halloumi)
3 - Bloomy Cow (brie, Camembert, Triple Crème)
4 - Bloomy Goat (chevre styles both bloomy & ash rinded)
5 - Blue Mold (Cambazola, Roquefort, Danish Blue, Stilton)
6 - Soft/Semi-Soft (aged) (Gouda, Munster)
7 - Cheddar & American Style (Cheddar, Dry Jack, Monterey Jack, Muenster, Colby)
8 - Open to include hard (Parmesan, Asiago, Romano), and flavored cheeses, plus as examples, smoked, washed rind, cheese spreads, butter, Creme Fraiche, yogurt and anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere)

- 1st Place: Prize worth $40
- 2nd Place: Prize worth $20
- 3rd Place: Prize worth $15
- Best of Show: Prize worth $75


New 48" Stainless Steel Punch Down Tools at Curds and Wine

punch toolThis 48" long stainless steel punch down tool with 8" disc has a black rubber handle and works great in Husky/Brute style home wine fermenters or larger fermentors.  Get yours at Curds and Wine for $69.95


Congratulations Wine Competition Award Winners!

Many medals won by our customers at the San Diego County Fair - over 50 medals just for wine kits entered!  A full list of the winners is available on the San Diego County Fair Homemade Wine website here.
IMG_1379  IMG_1380    IMG_1382
Several Curds and Wine customers attended the 11th annual Winemaker Magazine Conference held in our very own San Diego.  It is always a very fun and informative conference, with the grand finale of the awards ceremony for the Amateur Wine Competition.  A total of 22 medals were won by Curds and Wine customers, which earned us the U-Vint of the year award!  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for this honor.  A full list of 2018 Winemaker Competition winners is available onine here.
Curds and Wine group at 2018 WM conference
Curds and Wine at WM conference    Curds and Wine UVint of 2018