Summer Cider Time

Congratulations to our customer that won a Gold medal for his Pear Cider and Bronze medal for his Cherry Cider at the National Homebrewer's conference using the Cider House Select cider kits he bought at Curds and Wine!  Celebrate summer with your own yummy cider, and make it on site at Curds and Wine for a special single $50 vintning fee through the month of June!  Each Cider House Select kit makes approximately 60 12-ounce bottles, our Munton's Autumn Blush cider kit will make about 45 12-ounce bottles.  These ciders are ready to drink one month after starting!  Munton's Autumn Blush and Berry Fruit ciders are on sale as well for 15% off while supplies last, use coupon code MUNTONSALE to order online.  Make your appointment to start a cider kit (or 3!) at Curds and Wine!

Free Winemaking Demonstrations Fri 6/5/15 and Sat 6/6/15

Join us to see just how easy it is to make your own wine, at home or on site at Curds and Wine! We will go through all of the basic steps of making wine from kits, from start to bottle. This will be an interactive demonstration, you will have an opportunity to take part in winemaking steps hands-on. This demonstration will take about 2 hours, and then you can start your own wine! There is no charge, and you will receive a special coupon to pay a single $50 vintning fee with your first session of winemaking on site*. Discover how easy and rewarding it is to make your very own wines!
Starting wine
Please RSVP for this demonstration:
Friday 6/5/15 at 1 pm
Saturday 6/6/15 at 1 pm

*coupon for new winemakers only making wine on site at Curds and Wine. You can start up to 3 wine kits at your first session, pay only $50 vintning fee


Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes 2-Seminar Summer Series

Punching mustJoin us at Curds and Wine for a two-part seminar series introducing you to making wine from fresh grapes. In these seminars, we will go through preparation for harvest, steps involved in making wine from fresh grapes, and finishing wine. We will also demonstrate how to use equipment needed for winemaking.

The series of classes is $75/person for series of 2 classes, no refunds if any classes are missed. Maximum 20 participants for these classes, you must be 21 or over to participate. This course is a seminar series with live demonstrations, but we will not be making wine in this class; fresh grapes or frozen must can be purchased separately and made at home, or you can sign up for our Grapes to Glass course (see details below).

Outline - Series of 2 classes:
Seminar #1: Preparation for harvest and fermentation, 1 - 4 pm
Choice of dates: Friday 7/10/15. Saturday 7/11/15, Friday 7/17/15, or Saturday 7/18/15
  • Optimal brix and acid levels
  • Equipment and ingredients you will need
  • Primary fermentation schedule
  • When and How to press
  • Malolactic fermentation: initiating or preventing
Seminar #2: Finishing fermentations and pressing, 1 - 4 pm
Choice of dates: Friday 7/31/15, Saturday 8/1/15, Friday 8/7/15, or Saturday 8/8/15
  • Fermentations finished, ready for aging
  • Managing sulfites
  • Carboys, steel tanks, kegs, and barrels
  • Oak : hands-on oak trials
  • Clarifying wine
  • Blending
  • Common wine flaws and their treatments
  • Bottling: bottles, corks, finishing
Sign up online here.  We will contact you for your choice of seminar dates when you sign up.

Grapes to Glass Fresh Grape Winemaking at Curds and Wine

Grapes to Glass 2014 crushing grapes 2Here’s your chance to get your hands purple! Curds and Wine will be hosting an exclusive, intensive Grapes to Glass Winemaking course. This is not a custom crush, you will make your own wine from grapes delivered by West Coast Grapes and our gold-medal winning winemaker will lead you through the process.

This class will be limited to 20 winemakers (individuals or teams) total. Please remember only winemakers and team members that have taken our Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes seminars are allowed to participate in winemaking - sign up online if you have not taken it previously. The following criteria apply to participation in the class:
  • All participants must be 21 years of age or older
  • All participants must sign liability waiver
  • Class fee includes all ingredients, supplies, and use of equipment for making wine on site
  • You CANNOT participate if you would be unavailable (i.e., planning to travel at all or have major surgery) between August and October; you or a team member MUST be present for all winemaking sessions
  • This course includes making wine from fresh juice or red wine grapes, but the production of rosé or white wine from grapes is not included in this course.
This Hands-on intensive series of classes goes through basics of winemaking from grapes to bottle
  • Maximum 20 winemaking groups.
  • Cost is $400/winemaker (individual or group) total, $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space and balance of $200 due one week before grape delivery
  • New participants that have not taken our Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes seminars are required to take these before grape delivery; this is a separate cost
  • Includes making your own wine from grapes delivered from West Coast Grapes on site at Curds and Wine, all equipment, ingredients, testing, and bottling (including personalized labels); does not include cost of grapes
  • Approximately 2 to 2 1/2 cases of wine per 100 lbs of grapes purchased produced in class, including personalized labels, bottles & corks
  • This class does not include grapes; grapes must be purchased separately from West Coast Grapes, 300 lbs maximum, to be fermented in 2 fermentors maximum; additional fermentors can be added for $100 each, 4 fermentors per winemaking group maximum.
  • Grapes from other sources cannot be made in this class.
  • You or a team member must be present when grapes are delivered, we cannot hold grapes for an extended period of time.
  • No refunds on deposits
This course costs $400/winemaker (individual or group) total, $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space and balance of $200 due one week before grape delivery. This cost does not include cost of grapes, grapes must be purchased separately from West Coast grapes - no other grapes can be brought in for this class.

Total number of participants is limited, contact us to sign up!


New Item: The Label Wizard

The Label Wizard

New in stock at Curds and Wine!  The Label Wizard makes it a breeze to apply your labels to wine bottles, cider bottles, or any other bottles. With its adjustable carriage, The Label Wizard not only stages the label for a consistent label height placement, but it precisely sets the label in a straight and level position on each and every bottle or jar. The Label Carriage is made of specially formulated powder coated steel that holds your label in position, but will gently release even the stickiest of labels. The Label Wizard easily accommodates square or rectangular labels up to 5 1/2" long, and can be used on bottles or jars ranging from 2" to 4" in diameter. So you have tapered bottled? - Not a problem with The Label Wizard.

Get yours today at Curds and Wine for $34.95!  Feel free to stop by to see a demonstration of this product.


Hungarian Oak Barrel Preorders

BarrelsWe are taking preorders for Vadai Hungarian barrels. A variety of sizes are available for wine, beer, or vinegar. You can find available sizes and a price list on our website. Preorders will require a $50 non-refundable deposit. Please contact us with your name and a phone number for contact, but do NOT include any credit card information. You can also place preorders at the shop.

Preorders must be placed by Sunday, August 2nd so that we can get the barrels in stock for harvest season

Large Equipment Orders for Harvest 2015

3 spout bottle fillerHarvest time is approaching -- time to get your crushpad ready! Curds and Wine will have a very limited selection of large equipment for sale this year, including manual or motorized crusher/destemmers and stands (sold separately), basket or bladder presses, and stainless steel tanks. We also have a few 3-spout and 5-spout gravity bottle fillers. 
Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any equipment - before they're all gone!
crusher destemmer barrel pulled out


Free Winemakers' Seminar: Getting Ready for Crush - Saturday June 20th at 1 pm

sdaws-logoIn association with San Diego Amateur Winemakers' Society, Curds and Wine will be hosting bi-monthly home winemakers' seminars. These seminars are held every even numbered month on the third weekend at 1 pm. Seminars are given by Lum Eisenman, a winemaking guru that we are lucky to have in the San Diego area. Lum will share his expertise on various winemaking techniques and issues. This month Lum will help us "Getting ready for Crush".

These seminars are free, but limited to 20 people. If you are interested in participating, please RSVP.


Wishing You a Wine and Cheese Filled Holiday Season December
FIVE Year Anniversary! November
American Cheese Month October
Harvest 2015 September
Another Early Harvest Year? August
Congratulations Award Winners July
Summer Cider Time! June
Time to Make Wine for the Holidays! May
Spring Breezes, Wine and Cheeses April
Cider, Mead, Wine and Cheese March
Learn to Love to Make Your Own Wine & Cheese! February
Cheers and Cheese 2015 January

Lower UPS Shipping Rates

We have new, better UPS shipping rates for your online orders!  Shipping rates for wine kits to western US are typically $20-$25, even for our premium kits.  Check out our online catalog and take 10% off your online order through 6/28/15 using coupon code SHIPCAW2015 (minimum purchase $50).


Homemade Cheese contest at the San Diego County Fair Saturday June 20, 2015

A Fair to RememberThis year the Homemade Cheese contest is part of the Home & Hobby One-day competitions. These contests are open to amateurs only, unless otherwise stated.  No pre-registration required. Bring your prepared item and the typed or printed recipe form found online. They will no longer accept other types of recipe forms. No exceptions!

Deliver entries between opening time of the Fair and 12:45pm on Saturday 6/20/15 to the Home & Hobby area located on the 2nd floor, west end of the Grandstand. Judging starts at 1:00pm and once the judging process starts, no late entries will be accepted.

Your entry and entry contest form will admit you to the Fair FREE. Exhibitors must personally deliver their entries. There is no limit of entries per class.

Each cheese entry shall consist of a minimum of four (4) ounces of cheese, plated on a disposable plate, unwrapped and ready for judging. Please indicate if your cheese needs refrigeration when you drop off your entry.

Judging Criteria: Appearance, Presentation, Aroma, Flavors, Body/Texture, Balance, and

1 Firm
2 Soft
3 Feta
4 Blue
5 Flavored
6 Vegan
7 Other

Awards: The first - place winner in each class will receive a $25 Award from the Fair

More information and forms to download for entry are online here

Cork Recycling - Bring us your used Corks!

wine corksBring in your used corks, we will pass them on to local businesses to recycle and reuse for art objects!