Another Early Harvest Year?


Harvest 2015 is shaping up to be another early harvest year!  Curds and Wine is here to help guide you in choosing the best yeasts for your fermentations, and we offer a wide variety of other ingredients from basic nutrients to enhancing enzyme preparations to make the best wines. We also have equipment for rent to crush and press your wines - contact us to reserve your equipment as soon as you estimate you will need it.  We offer some basic in-house wine chemistry testing, but for more in-depth analysis our friends at Vinmetrica offer a wider array of tests - you can now drop off your samples for Vinmetrica analyses at Curds and Wine!  Curds and Wine has compiled a red wine making summary and basic shopping list to help you find everything you need for your fermentations.

If you missed our comprehensive Basic Winemaking from Fresh or Frozen Grapes 2-part seminar series, we will offer a Crash Course to cover the minimum information you need to make wine from grapes this season.  See details below.

Basic Winemaking from Fresh Grapes Crash Course Saturday August 22nd, 1-4 pm

Punching mustJoin us at Curds and Wine to learn the basics of making wine from fresh grapes! We will go through the processes involved, chemistry testing, and the equipment you will need, with demonstrations of the use of equipment commonly used for winemaking:
  • Harvesting and crushing your grapes
  • Pressing grapes
  • Primary and secondary fermentations
  • Wine analysis and adjustments
  • Stabilizing and aging wine
  • Review of equipment and ingredients needed for all processes
Purchase and processing of fresh grapes is not included; grapes must be purchased separately and wine made at home from fresh grapes. No wine is made in this class!

Must be 21 or over to participate. Paid Participants ONLY admitted to class.

$45/person, sign up online or purchase tickets at the shop


Free Winemakers' Seminar: Must Adjustments - Saturday August 15th at 1 pm

LumIn association with San Diego Amateur Winemakers' Society, Curds and Wine will be hosting bi-monthly home winemakers' seminars. These seminars are held every even numbered month on the third weekendat 1 pm. Seminars are given by Lum Eisenman, a winemaking guru that we are lucky to have in the San Diego area. Lum will share his expertise on various winemaking techniques and issues. This month, just in time for harvest season, Lum will give discuss "Must Adjustments".

These seminars are free, but limited to 20 people. If you are interested in participating, please RSVP online here.


Featured Wine Kit: Petit Verdot

Selection Petit Verdot Does your wine need a little blending to add color or depth? Make a Winexpert Selection Australian Petit Verdot, a great blending wine or superb on its own! Best described as a 'Super Cabernet', this is a dark rich wine with wonderfully concentrated flavors of juicy blackberry and black currant, with smooth, gripping tannins and an elegant structure leading to a magnificent, boldly oaken finish. With intense fruit-forward character, this wine drinks well fairly early but will continue to grow in character over time. 


New Product: ML Red Boost Malolactic Nutrient

ML RED BOOST Red wine malolactic nutrient is designed to aid malolactic fermentations in high alcohol wines. Specific polyphenolics in red wines from high maturity grapes have an inhibitory effect on malolactic fermentations. To address this challenge Lallemand has formulated ML Red Boost. This malolactic bacteria nutrient is formulated from specific inactive yeast fractions which enhance the bacteria's resistance to high polyphenol levels. In additon, the availability of certain peptides and polysaccharides in ML Red Boost favor the health of the bacteria and can be effective in reducing the duration of the MLF.

To Use: Suspend in small amount of water or wine then add directly to the wine 24 hours before adding the malolactic bacteria. Add 5 grams per 6 gallons juice or 100 pounds of must.

Order online or purchase in store at Curds and Wine with all of your harvest needs!
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ML red boost 


Large Equipment for Harvest 2015

3 spout bottle fillerWe have a very limited selection of large equipment for sale this year, including manual or motorized crusher/destemmers and stands (sold separately), basket or bladder presses, and stainless steel tanks. We also have a few 3-spout and 5-spout gravity bottle fillers. 
Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any equipment - before they're all gone!
crusher destemmer barrel pulled out


Wishing You a Wine and Cheese Filled Holiday Season December
FIVE Year Anniversary! November
American Cheese Month October
Harvest 2015 September
Another Early Harvest Year? August
Congratulations Award Winners July
Summer Cider Time! June
Time to Make Wine for the Holidays! May
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Cheers and Cheese 2015 January

Collaboration Kitchen - a fun, tasty way to support local charities

Once a month, Collaboration Kitchen gathers at Catalina Offshore Products, in partnership with Specialty Produce, to bring chefs together with the local food community. The mission behind the event is to educate, promote and have fun – all while donating to a good cause. They invite guest chefs to come and cook several dishes of fresh seafood.  Chefs cook for the live audience, you watch and learn a few things, see how it's cooked, then eat it all! Often they have a guest winery or brewery, a guest cheese company or a dessert company come in. Collaboration Kitchen is not a “cooking class” in the traditional sense, but more like a backyard gathering with friends who like to cook and eat – comfortably seated in the middle of a seafood processing plant!

Proceeds from ticket sales are given to various charities in our city. Collaboration Kitchen has now become THE underground dining place. Come join the fun!

To get the low-down on the next event and purchase tickets, you will need to "like" the Collaboration Kitchen and/or Catalina Offshore Products facebook page.  It's an amazing event that benefits our community - you never know who will turn up there ;)

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Wine Bottles for Recycling (Refilling) available at Schwaesdall Winery

Schwaesdall Winery has a large number of empty bottles available for people to take for recycling/refilling with your homemade wines. Please contact them directly if you would like to pick up some bottles and check availability:

Schwaesdall Winery
17677 Rancho de Oro Drive
Ramona CA 92065
760-789-7547 Winery
760-789-7542 Tasting Room
760-468-1920 Cell


Curds and Wine is San Diego's Experience - Education - Entertainment headquarters for all of your winemaking and cheese making needs!  We have all the supplies you need to make your own wine or cheese at home, and are here to help you out along the way.  In addition, you can make your wine on site at Curds and Wine -- use our equipment, we'll clean up after each winemaking step and store your wine in a temperature-controlled environment until you are ready to bottle it.  You can also make personalized labels for your wine or cheese and print it at the shop!  In addition, we have winemaking equipment rentals available as well as wine chemistry testing, and cheesemaking classes.  Check the website for the schedule.