Cheese and Wine Make Everything Fine!

Enjoy your wine in style in a Curds and Wine logo glass!  This 16 ounce Wine Glass is the ideal way to enjoy all types of wine whenever proper stemware isn’t available, or in settings where breakable glass is simply impractical. It is made of an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. It is shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and proudly made in the USA. Embellished with our Curds and Wine logo and motto to proudly serve your homemade wines!  Get yours exclusively at Curds and Wine for $5.95 each.

Enjoying rose in Curds and Wine glass

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Free Home Winemaking Seminar with Lum Eisenman Saturday April 15th at 1 pm

Lum at festival

Curds and Wine will be hosting free home winemakers' seminars every month from February through June on the third Saturday at 1 pm (*except May). Seminars are given by Lum Eisenman, a winemaking guru that we are lucky to have in the San Diego area. Lum will share his expertise on various winemaking techniques and issues.


These seminars are free, but limited to 20 people. If you are interested in participating, please RSVP online through these links:

4/15/17 - Must Adjustments
*5/27/17 - Wine Filtration and Bottling
6/17/17 - Common Wine Faults


Limited Quantities of

Cellar Craft Barbera, Vineco Cabernet Rosé and Nero d'Avola

Vineco2017_CabSauvRose_Cali_bottle_image_LOW_resWe have very limited quantities of some excellent wine kits in stock:

Vineco Passport Series 2017 California Cabernet Rosé - $142.95:  Caberenet Sauvignon harvested from Sacramento County, which lies in the middle of the Central Valley, California’s prime agricultural region. It extends from the low delta lands between the Sacramento & San Joaquin rivers to just north of the state capitol of Sacramento, continuing east to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sacramento County is graced with a hot Mediterranean climate, and receives an average of just 350mm of precipitation per year. The moderately rocky nutrient-rich clay loam soil retains moisture while allowing excess water to drain away, creating fertile grounds for the vines to thrive in the hot California sunshine.
This dry rosé has fresh strawberry on the nose, with watermelon and cranberry accents. This crisp, fragrant rosé carries juicy strawberry flavours and tart red fruit notes on the palate. Balanced and refreshing, with crisp acidity and a subtle minerality.
Contact us to check availability of the Vineco Cabernet Rosé

NeroDAvolaVineco Passport Series 2017 Italian Nero d'Avola - $149.95:  A lesser known Italian red wine grape, Nero D’Avola has long been a prized varietal in its native Sicily and in the last decade has been gaining favour in the rest of the world as a serious red, joining the ranks of big Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Nero D’Avola offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke, and abundant flavours of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins, and a long finish.
Contact us to check availability of the Vineco Nero d'Avola

Cellar Craft Showcase Italian Barbera - $148.95:  Barbera has been the most popular grape in the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy for centuries. Deep ruby, medium-bodied, and fruity in its youth, it ages to impressive depth and elegance. The oak and tannins have a soft and well-rounded impression that lifts the fruit to a most attractive level.  


Winexpert Limited Edition 2017 Releases

Winexpert Limited Edition 2017 release
Winexpert continues to raise the bar each year with its Limited Edition program and LE16 is no different. This year, in addition to sought after varietals and unique blends, Winexpert is thrilled to offer a very distinctive wine - Blanc de Noir - an elusive white wine that is made from red grapes. Done in an off-dry style, this is the must have wine of the year! 

If you already ordered the April releases we will contact you when they arrive at Curds and Wine.  If you did not preorder any of these kits, contact us to check availability - very limited quantities are available!

March 2016 - Blanc De Noir San Joaquin Valley, California $161.95
California's largest wine region. Agricultural haven and is known as the "food basket of the world." Deep fertile soils and cool Delta breeze
Tasting Notes: Blanc De Noir is a French term which means "white wine from dark grapes." No skin contact after pressing keeps color light and tannins at bay. Crabapple, white peach, grapefruit and hint of strawberry. 
Food Pairings: Sliced Ham; Grilled white fish; Eggs benedict
Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak: None | ABV: 13%

SOLD OUT!  April 2016 - Grenache Cabernet Riverland, Australia $189.95
Woven around the Murray River with Mediterranean climate and long days of sunshine. Sun-kissed, vibrantly ripened grapes.
Tasting Notes: Full bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache; Black currant, cigar box, black cherry and raspberry. Warm spice rounds out the finish
Food Pairings: Protein-rich dishes like grilled steak Avoid spice or heat
Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium-Full | Oak: Medium-heavy | ABV: 13%


RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantity 2017 Wine Kits - French Classics

Each year RJS Craft Winemaking offers home winemakers an exclusive selection of outstanding wine kits, developed to feature the best results from grape harvests around the world. Because these kits are special and unique, each 18-liter "RQ" kit comes with its own artfully designed labels and bottle dressings.

Due to the nature of these kits, they are only available in 'Restricted Quantities', and must be pre-ordered before they're available to ship.

The 2017 RQ Program, titled Le Château Noblesse, highlights the original noble grapes of France - Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc.

These are classic French wines that remain true to their centuries-old heritage. For winemakers who know and appreciate the difference, this year’s RQ collection offers the opportunity to experience the pure essence of these varietals as expressed by their native French terroir.

The reds include RJS’s GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins for elevated structure, tannin, and age-worthiness, and are finished with French oak. Both reds and whites include varietal-specific yeast for optimizing color and bouquet.

Experience true nobility with elegance, grace, luxury and valor.


February 2017 Release - Grace Chardonnay $154.95

Centuries old, cultivated by French monks, and named for the village of Chardonnay, L’âge de Grace is a wine that is both simple and regal. Densely textured with a steely minerality and creamy mouthfeel. This is an unoaked Chardonnay with notes of citrus, honey and melon on the palate, finishing with crisp green apples.

SOLD OUT!  March 2017 Release - Luxe Merlot $174.95

Named after the French bird Merlau, this late 17th century wine is the epitome of L’âge de Luxe, known for being luxuriously ripe and soft. Ruby red color with aromas of juicy blueberries and cherries on the nose. This luxurious wine features ripe cherries, blueberries, a touch of spice, and soft tannins on the palate.

April 2017 Release - Vaillance Sauvignon Blanc $154.95

Named from the French word sauvage, meaning wild, this valiant vine once grew wild in France. L’âge de la Vaillance is refreshingly crisp and dry. Pale lemon color with pronounced aromas of grapefruit, grass and gooseberries. This classic wine is dry yet invigorating, with flavors of citrus and grassy notes on the palate.


If you already ordered the April releases we will contact you when they arrive at Curds and Wine.  If you did not preorder any of these kits, contact us to check availability - very limited quantities are available!


Queso Diego’s Cheesemakers Rodeo Contest at the San Diego County Fair Saturday July 1st

Queso Diego is sponsoring the Homemade Cheese contest this year at the San Diego County Fair!  This contest will once again be a One-Day Home & Hobby Contest, no pre-registration or entry fees are required. Bring your prepared item and the typed or printed recipe form found online here. We will no longer accept other types of recipe forms. No exceptions! Deliver entries between opening time of the Fair and 12:45pm on Saturday July 1st to Home & Hobby exhibit located on the 2nd floor, west end of the Grandstand. Judging starts at 1:00pm and once the judging process starts, no late entries will be accepted. Your entry and entry contest form will admit you into the Fair for FREE. Exhibitors must personally deliver their entries.

Limit: One entry per class
Judging Criteria: Flavor, Originality, & Appearance

1 Fresh (cheese curds, chevre, Mascarpone, mozzarella, Queso fresco, cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, ricotta)
2 Brined (feta, domiati, halloumi)
3 Bloomy Cow (brie, Camembert, Triple Crème)
4 Bloomy Goat (chevre styles both bloomy & ash rinded)
5 Blue Mold (Cambazola, Roquefort, Danish Blue, Stilton)
6 Soft/Semi-Soft (aged) (Gouda, Munster)
7 Cheddar & American Style (Cheddar, Dry Jack, Monterey Jack, Muenster, Colby)
8 Hard (aged) (Parmesan, Asiago, Romano)
9 Flavored Cheeses, Butter & Cultured Dairy Products (Yogurt, Crème Fraiche)
10 Open (smoked, washed rind, cheese spreads, anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere)

Best Of Show: Custom crafter cheese table runner and inscribed cheese board
1st Place winners in each class will receive: A subscription to Culture Magazine (The Word on Cheese).
2nd Place winners in each class will receive: A Cheese Making Book.
3rd Place winners in each class will receive: A Cheese mold and/or accessories.

Full details and entry forms can be found online here.

2015 homemade cheese contest


Free Winemaking Demonstration Saturday June 10th at 1 pm

Starting wine kit with grapesJoin us to see just how easy it is to make your own wine, at home or on site at Curds and Wine! We will go through all of the basic steps of making wine from kits, from start to bottle. This will be an interactive demonstration, you will have an opportunity to take part in winemaking steps hands-on. This demonstration will take about 2 hours, and then you can start your own wine!