Share the Joy of Homemade Wine and Cheese

So many of our customers tell us that they run out of wine fast because they give so much away.  That's one of the best parts of making your own homemade wines and cheeses - sharing the happiness!  And don't forget, if your friends are interested in making their own wine with us at Curds and Wine, you get rewarded - for every 3 new winemakers you refer that make wine on site with us, you get 30 brand new bottles (any type except magnums)!  

Cheesemaking Fundamentals Classes in 2016

Stirring curds

Join us at Curds and Wine to learn how easy and rewarding it is to make your own cheeses at home! At this class you will learn the fundamental processes behind fresh cheesemaking as well as the techniques for making pressed cheeses and aged cheeses such as cheddar, gouda, and camembert. We will make fromage blanc, ricotta, and queso fresco, and demonstrate the processes involved in making feta, swiss-style cheeses and mold-ripened cheeses such as camembert/brie-style and blue cheeses. We will have samples of the various styles of cheeses you can make at home from Venissimo, as well as other refreshments. Finally, you will receive a packet with a recipe booklet to make the cheeses from the class as well as basic supplies to get you started with your cheesemaking. You will also receive a 10% discount on any purchase in the shop following the class.


Class size is limited to 18 participants. Ticket holders ONLY admitted to class.


Purchase tickets online:

​Saturday April 9, 2016 from 1 - 4 pm - Limited seating available, please contact us to check availability

​Saturday April 16, 2016 from 1 - 4 pm


* A $30 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your ticket prior to 48 hours of the event; no refunds within 48 hours of event


*Read Caron Golden's review of our class online



Vineyard Installation and Management Seminars May 2016

Interested in planting your own vineyard, or have one but not sure how to take care of your vines? Curds and Wine will be hosting Vineyard Installation and Management Seminars led by Keith Wasser, local vineyard owner featured on an episode of "A Growing Passion" on KPBS. Keith will give you all the basic information you need to plant and maintain your own grape vines.

 Diggin post holes

Vineyard Installation seminar will cover:
- Site location
- Row spacing
- Selecting grape vines
- Installing irrigation
- Costs

Vineyard Management seminar will cover:
- Pruning
- Spraying
- Canopy management
- Nutrient application
- Irrigation
Pruned vines
Seminars are $45 each, or take both for $75. Each seminar is limited to 18 participants. Paid participants only admitted to seminar.  Purchase tickets at the shop or online:

Vineyard Installation - Saturday May 7, 2016 - $45

Vineyard Management - Saturday May 14, 2016 - $45

Both seminars - $75


* A $30 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your ticket prior to 48 hours of the event; no refunds within 48 hours of event


New Items: Wide Mouth 1-gallon Jars and Lids

wide mouth jarNow in stock at Curds and Wine - wide mouth glass jars with either solid or airlock-ready lids, perfect for small fermentations including kombucha, kimchi, or sauerkraut.  Also useful for small batch oak or yeast trials with wines.  
lid with hole for wide mouth 1 gallon jars  wide_mouth_jar_lid


Winexpert Limited Edition 2016

Every year Winexpert™ selects the best grapes to make into special Limited Edition release wines.  This year, Winexpert™ has sourced superior quality juice from Italy, California and Australia to bring you five impressive wines that will be a welcome addition to your cellar. Featuring unique blends and sought after varietals, the LE15 collection offers something for every palate.


If you preordered the April release we will contact you as soon as they arrive at Curds and Wine.  If you did not preorder these amazing kits, contact us to check availability.


January 2016 releases:

Barbera (Piedmont, Italy) - $163.95

Pinot Grigio Verduzzo (Veneto, Italy) - $157.95 -- SOLD OUT!


February 2016 release:

Mosaic Red (Paso Robles, California) - $163.95 - SOLD OUT!


March 2016 release:

Gewürztraminer Verdelho Muscat (Murray Darling, Australia) - $157.95


April 2016 release:

Fourtitude with Grape Skins (Riverland, Australia) - $188.95


*Preorder your Winexpert Limited Edition wine kits from Curds and Wine by Friday December 4, 2015.  Don't miss out on these amazing wines!




RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantity 2015/2016

Unmask the celebration

Each year, RJ Spagnols Craft Winemaking releases special wines kits specifically chosen to feature the best of the world's harvest. These kits are only available in 'Restricted Quantities' and must be pre-ordered before their release.  The 2016 Restricted Quantities program – A Festival of Festivals – are inspired by local celebrations that take place in four of the world’s most famous wine regions. It is our hope that by making and enjoying these wines, we will inspire you to create your own festivities.


December 2015 release - Tjungu - blend of Australian Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon & Malbec $174.95 - SOLD OUT!

January 2016 release - Carrusel - Argentinian Chardonnay & Viognier $156.95 - SOLD OUT!

February 2016 release - La Batalla - Spanish Tempranillo, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon $174.95

March 2016 release - Carnevale - Italy Pinot Grigio & Sauvignon Blanc $ 156.95


2016 RJS RQ bottles



Contact us today to check availability if you did not preorder!  If you did preorder any kits we will email you when the kits arrive at Curds and Wine.



Basic Winemaking from Fresh Grapes 2-part Seminar Series

Batch-B-at-innoculationJoin us at Curds and Wine for a two-part seminar series introducing you to making wine from fresh grapes. In these seminars, we will go through preparation for harvest, steps involved in making wine from fresh grapes, and finishing wine. We will also demonstrate how to use equipment needed for winemaking. 
The series of classes is $75/person for series of 2 classes, no refunds if any classes are missed. Maximum 20 participants for these classes, you must be 21 or over to participate. This course is a seminar series with live demonstrations, but we will not be making wine in this class; fresh grapes or frozen must can be purchased separately and made at home. 
Outline -- Series of 2 classes: 
Seminar #1: Preparation for harvest and fermentation, 1 - 4 pm 
Choice of dates: Saturday 6/11/16, Saturday 6/18/16, or Saturday 7/9/16 
Optimal brix and acid levels 
Equipment and ingredients you will need 
Primary fermentation schedule 
When and How to press 
Malolactic fermentation: initiating or preventing 
Seminar #2: Finishing fermentations and pressing, 1 - 4 pm 
Choice of dates:Saturday 7/23/16, Saturday 7/30/16, or Saturday 8/6/16 
Fermentations finished, ready for aging 
Managing sulfites 
Carboys, steel tanks, kegs, and barrels 
Oak : hands-on oak trials 
Clarifying wine 
Blending Common wine flaws and their treatments 
Bottling: bottles, corks, finishing 
Purchase tickets online here or at the shop
* A $30 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your ticket prior to 48 hours of the event; no refunds within 48 hours of last first seminar
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Register your Homemade Wine Entries for the San Diego County Fair by Friday April 1st!

San Diego County Fair Homemade Wine competition entries are due soon - wines must be registered online by Friday April 1st (no joke!).  Other key dates:
  • Entries are submitted to the fair on Wednesday April 13th between noon and 7 pm 
  • Wines are judged in a closed session on Saturday April 23rd
  • The awards ceremony will be held on Friday June 3rd at 7:30 pm (opening day of the fair, gates don't open until 4 pm) 
SD Fair 2016

Competition entry forms, details and other information are available online.  Don't forget, you get TWO entry tickets to the Fair and FOUR award ceremony tickets per person that enters; only ticket holders can attend the awards ceremony, where winners are announced and you can taste all the other wines submitted!


Homemade Cheese Contest at the San Diego County Fair Friday June 24th

The Homemade Cheese contest at the San Diego County Fair is a One-Day Contest again this year, being held on Friday June 24th.  This contest is open to amateurs only, unless otherwise stated. No pre-registration required -- bring your prepared cheese(s) and the typed or printed recipe form found online at, Home & Hobby page. Deliver entries between opening time of the Fair and 12:45 pm on Friday June 24, 2016 to the Home & Hobby area located on the 2nd floor, west end of the Grandstand. Judging starts at 1:00 pm and once the judging process starts, no late entries will be accepted . Your entry and entry contest form will admit you to the Fair FREE. All contest judging begins at 1:00pm. Exhibitors must personally deliver their entries. More information online here.


Join us at the 2016 WineMaker Magazine Conference in Santa Rosa, California May 19 - 22

Join fellow hobby winemakers from across North America in the Sonoma County wine country for four days packed with seminars and special events to help you make your own great wine. Register online here - don't wait - All previous conferences on the west coast sold out early!2016_WineMaker_Conference_Logo 2
Your Conference Registration includes:
  • 24 Big Seminars - Classes Friday 5/20/16 and Saturday 5/21/16 on winemaking techniques, grape growing & more!
  • Conference Binder - Each attendee will receive a binder packed with printouts of conference seminar presentation slides and room for note taking.
  • Four Group Interactive Workshops - Two interactive group workshops each day to get an in-depth learning experience to improve your winemaking.
  • Two Lunches with Keynote Addresses - Hear from Kenwood Vineyards’ Senior Winemaker Pat Henderson on Saturday and listen to our magazine columnists debate different winemaking topics Friday.
  • Admission to Friday night Wine Share & Tasting Party - ere’s a great chance to share wines and ideas with hobbyists from across North America. Taste each other’s wines for feedback and fun. Plus, local Sonoma County wineries and California home winemaking clubs will be pouring wines to sample and we’ll have local foods and cheeses.
  • Admission to Sponsor Exhibits - Check out the latest winemaking equipment, products and supplies from leading vendors.
  • One-year Subscription to WineMaker Magazine Included with your conference registration, a $25 value!
Not included with registration is Admission to 2016 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition Awards Dinner.  Find out first who the winners are in the largest amateur wine competition in the world. This awards dinner will unveil the top winners from the 2015 competition. Register for this dinner in addition to the conference this year.

Two days, Thursday, May 19 and Sunday, May 22, will feature selection of small-class, hands-ons winemaking boot camps plus separate winery tours of Sonoma Country and Napa Valley. Click here for more information on our tours and boot camps.

Register for the conference, boot camps, and Saturday night Award Dinner online here.

*Curds and Wine is a sponsor of the conference for 2016.  If you are attending the conference please let us know and we'll give you a free Curds and Wine t-shirt for every full conference registration!

WM conference