Local Milk Sources

We will continually update this page, if you have a suggestion or sell milk, please send it to us!

Regular pasteurized milk

We have been successfully making quality cheeses with regular pasteurized whole and lowfat milks from grocery stores; the key to success with pasteurized cow's milk is to be sure to add calcium chloride at the beginning to get a good set. NEVER use ultra-pasteurized milk, the proteins have been altered to a point that this milk will never set properly.

Pasteurized goat milk

Pasteurized goat milk is available around San Diego, and we have found that Summerhill Farm goat milk sets very well, it is not ultra-pasteurized; this milk is available at Trader Joe's. If you call any stores to check for this milk, be sure to ask if they carry Summerhill Farm goat milk; Meyenberg goat milk is ultra-pasteurized and will not set!

Places to get milk

Ramona Family Naturals

Ramona Family Naturals has a variety of organic pasteurized as well as raw milks available, including Organic Pastures raw milk. This is a favorite source of one notable local cheesemaker. Do watch not to get any ultra-pasteurized milks!

Organic Naturals

A great source of raw organic milk, available at several stores around San Diego. You can search for a store near you through their website or you can have milk shipped directly to you.

Seaside Market (Cardiff)

Seaside Market has a selection of organic milk products, including Horizon (be sure it is NOT ultrapasteurized, they should only have regular pasteurized). The other organic milks are ultrapasteurized, and so are not suitable for making cheese. They also carry Organic Pastures raw milk.

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market (Ocean Beach)

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market has several kinds of raw milk - Organic Pastures whole cow milk and raw cream, and Claravale Jersey Cow and Claravale Goat milk.  They also carry the full selection of Straus milk and cream.

Jimbo's Naturally

Jimbo's Naturally carries Straus organic milk and Organic Pastures raw milk at all San Diego area locations.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's stores carry Summerhill Farm goat milk, perfect for cheesemaking.


Sprouts stores have raw milk and cream (every Monday at University City location, check with other locations) and organic milk and cream that is not ultra-pasteurized.  Some also now carry Summerhill Farm goat milk, check with your location.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods also carries Straus organic milk, which is pasteurized at a lower temperature than many other organic milks and will set curd. They also carry non-ultrapasteurized cream.


Other Sources


A site devoted to real milk has a great page of places where you can find raw, unprocessed milk


O'Dells Farm - raw goat milk for botanical & pet use, request contact information here