Harvest 2017

We have everything you need for Harvest 2017 at Curds and Wine! See our list of yeasts available, as well as other fermentation supplies. We also have a variety of equipment for rent or sale, please contact us to reserve your equipment as soon as you can estimate a date you will need it! Availability is limited and not guaranteed.

We will again be a pick-up point for fresh grape deliveries from West Coast Grapes. More information is available here. The delivery is typically late September/early October, when we know the exact date we will post it here.

We will have a crusher/destemmer available to process your fresh grapes before you take them home.  We will charge a processing fee of $25 for the first 500 lbs and an additional $10 for every subsequent 500 lbs.  You can prepurchase your tickets in the shop or online through the links provided.

Learn to make wine from fresh grapes in our Basic Winemaking from Fresh Grapes Crash Course on Saturday August 12, 2017 from 1 - 4 pm.

We have a general instruction sheet for making wine from fresh red wine grapes with a basic shopping list available at the store to help you get set up for the season: Making Wine From Fresh Grapes