Brehm Frozen Musts

Curds and Wine is now a retailer for Brehm frozen musts and juices!  These high quality musts will yield an exquisite finished wine.  The 5-gallon frozen must buckets give you 3 gallons of finished wine, and the frozen juice buckets will give you about 5 gallons of finished wine.

Musts and juices are available for preorder through Curds and Wine to be picked up at the shop.  Orders must be placed at the shop or by phone and prepaid.  We will let you know when we expect the buckets to arrive; you must pick up your buckets within 3 days of delivery or they will start to thaw, we are not currently able to keep the buckets frozen after delivery.

You must take your frozen pails off site to make your wine, we are not currently making wine from frozen musts or juices on site at Curds and Wine.  We do have all of the equipment, ingredients, and testing you need for your winemaking, contact us for more information.


See a complete list of pricing and availability of Brehm frozen musts and juices in our online catalog.