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West Coast Grapes fresh grape and juice bucket delivery at Curds and Wine - Saturday October 19, 2019


We will once again be a pick-up point for fresh grapes from West Coast Grapes. Delivery at Curds and Wine this year will be Saturday October 19th. Pricing and availability are now online here.

Grapes from West Coast Grapes

Grapes are purchased directly through West Coast Grapes, we are a pick-up point only, no sales on site for these grapes! Please note, we cannot store these grapes, they will start spontaneously fermenting if you do not pick them up the day they arrive. You will NOT be called to be reminded to pick up your grapes, mark your calendars as soon as the date is set. If you cannot pick up your grapes on delivery day have them delivered to San Diego Cold Storage (downtown) instead, that will be one of the delivery options on check out. We do not appreciate being yelled at because YOU forgot to pick up your grapes.

Grapes are unloaded from the refrigerated trucks and stacked next to the order slips at the back North parking lot behind Curds and Wine. We cannot give a specific time as orders will be pulled from the truck as they were loaded, but the truck should have most orders unloaded by 11 am - please plan to spend a few hours as it takes time to unload the grapes from the truck. Be sure to pick up your grapes before 4 pm that day. Your patience and cooperation in getting all the orders out before grapes are taken is appreciated!

We are NOT crushing and destemming grapes on site this year! If you need to rent a crusher/destemmer we only have 4 total for rent (2 manual and 2 motorized), contact us to reserve one if you need it as soon as possible. We will take reservations based on the time stamps of the email requests we receive.