Useful Links

The most comprehensive and active forums we've found for any and all winemaking, and even cheesemaking, questions and advice. You can also find several winemaking blogs through this site.


Great website for keeping up with all of the wines you make -- keep inventory and enter tasting notes as your wine matures. You can also search for other home winemakers that have entered tasting notes for other wine kits, so you can pick out the next one to start!

Lum Eisenman's Winemaking Manual

From the Guru of home winemaking, and a really great guy, a comprehensive manual covering winemaking basics and advanced techniques. And it's free!

Our winemaking blog.

San Diego Amateur Winemaker's Society, a great bunch of people and ever-helpful winemakers. If you are in the San Diego area, you should definitely attend a meeting!

Home Vineyards Installation and Maintanence Services

Interested in having your own home vineyard, or have one but don't know how to take care of your vines?  Contact Keith Wasser for help with your Home Vineyard

Custom Label Printing from outside vendors:

These label printing vendors are not associated with Curds and Wine and are separate from our on-site label printing services.  They offer more label options including waterproof labels, uniquely shaped labels and label designs.

Noontime Labels

Cheese making links

Queso Diego -- The San Diego Cheese Club

The club for cheesemakers, aspiring cheesemakers, and cheese enthusiasts in the San Diego area.

A great resource and discussion site for all of your cheesemaking questions.

A great home cheese making blog