German Traminer Spätlese [SOLD OUT]

Limited Edition Kits are made of specially selected grapes from distinct vineyards around the world. There are a limited number of kits available. Please contact us to pre-order this kit [SOLD OUT]

Winexpert Limited Edition
March 2012 Release

Winexpert German Traminer Spätlese 2012

Price: $141.95
Limited Editions must be pre-ordered. Pre-orders are due in at Curds and Wine by Sunday December 4th. Preorders are for in-store purchase and pick up only. Payments are not due until kits are picked up.
The Region:
Germany's most famous growing region, the Mosel Valley, with its mineral-laden soils, produces some of the world's finest off-dry wines. The sheer mountains and rugged steep slopes make the most of the northern sunshine, but they also mean that vineyard work must be done by hand, and yields are very low. This results in carefully crafted, very intensely flavored wines.
The Wine:
Traminer is the parent of the more familiar Gewürztraminer and Spätlese is a German wine term meaning "late harvest," indicating a wine made from fully mature grapes that are picked at least seven days after normal harvest, so they are riper and have higher sugar levels. This is a gently golden-colored wine, unmistakable in its heady, aromatic intensity, with a pungent fragrance of lychee, tropical fruit and rose petals. Its flavors are ample, lusciously fruity and spicy.
The Food:
Peach and Blueberry Cobbler.
The intense fruit character will be apparent immediately in this rich wine making it a tempting sipper right away, but the deeper floral characters of rose petal and lychee will become much more apparent after six months to a year.
Sweetness Code:
1 (off-dry)

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