Harvest 2011 Events at Curds and Wine - Fresh Grapes

Fresh Grape deliveries at Curds and Wine

Curds and Wine will be a pick-up point for fresh grapes from West Coast Grapes and Van Alyea Vineyard. We are not selling fresh grapes directly through the shop, payments and arrangements must be made directly with the growers/suppliers. Sign up online to receive information about West Coast Grapes availability and pricing for 2011 at http://westcoastgrapes.com/join.htmlFor more information about pricing and availability of Van Alyea vineyards grapes from Sonoma, CA please email us.

We will have a crusher/destemmer available to process your fresh grapes before you take them home, we will charge a processing fee of $25 for the first 500 lbs and an additional $10 for every subsequent 500 lbs.