2014 Limited Editions

Limited edition wine kits for 2014 have been announced!  We will be taking pre-orders online or at the shop for these amazing wine kits; we do require prepayment to reserve your wine kit.  Be sure to reserve yours -- they sell out every year!


RJ Spagnols 2012/2013 Restricted Quantities: PREORDERS DUE BY THURSDAY OCTOBER 31ST!

December 2013

   • Australian Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $138.95

   • Australian Shiraz Viognier $145.95

   • Argentinian Torrontes   $138.95 - SOLD OUT!


 March 2014

   • Spanish Monastrell Petit Verdot $145.95

   • Italy Nero D'Avola $141.95


Winexpert 2014 Limited Editions: PREORDERS DUE BY SUNDAY DECEMBER 8TH!


South African Shiraz Cabernet with Grape Skins $151.95 - SOLD OUT!

South African Chenin Blanc Roussanne $141.95


Pacific Quartet  $141.95


Oregon Pinot Noir  $148.95


Red Mountain, Washington Cabernet Merlot $148.95